• Medical lamps
    Illumination of the operating field during surgical operations and diagnostic studies
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  • Physiotherapy equipment
    World-class physiotherapy equipment manufactured at the EMA plant
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  • Recirculators and irradiators
    Designed for air disinfection not only in the premises of medical institutions, but also at home
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Plant of electromedical equipment
It is profitable to buy medical equipment from the manufacturer!

We are the leading manufacturers of LED medical lamps in Russia. Our lamps are in high demand not only in the Russian Federation, but are exported to 62 countries around the world. This was made possible by excellent quality, well-tuned service and compliance with all requirements for medical devices.

  • High quality of all products, thanks to the latest production lines and the highest level of specialists
  • You can purchase all products at competitive prices – no extra charges and with delivery throughout Russia.
  • Expansion of the range – covering all the needs of medical institutions


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Products shipped in 2020

Investments in modernization 2020

Production area

Number of employees

World-class medical equipment
We sell products not only in Russia, but also abroad

Today the plant is the leader in the production of medical lighting equipment in the Russian Federation. We have a representative office in Germany, through which we sell products in Europe. We opened a representative office, warehouse and showroom in Moscow.

Market leader of medical lighting equipment in the Russian Federation 92.
Export to foreign countries 62.
Number of names of manufactured products 52.
Services of the EMA Plant
Within the framework of its technical capabilities, the Plant provides the following types of services

Certain types of metalworking, electroplating and paint production, assembly production, bending and stamping production

  • Turning works
  • Milling work
  • Electroplating
  • Powder coated
  • Chemical silvering
  • Assembling products
  • Component bending
  • Stamping accessories
Our projects

Over its long history, the EMA Plant has taken part in the implementation of many socially significant projects and events.
You can familiarize yourself with some of them in more detail.

plant history

On the instructions of the Government of the USSR, after the start of the Great Patriotic War in the city of Sverdlovsk, it was decided to create a plant for the production of medical instruments under the name “Plant No. 16” . The first charter of the established plant was approved on October 7, 1941 of the year. Within four months, the equipment was installed, and the plant began to produce surgical equipment, in particular, scalpels, tweezers and clamps.

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To create its products, ZAO EMA Plant uses modern production technologies. Parts are manufactured on high-performance CNC milling, turning and sheet-working machines. The line of electroplating and powder painting provides a high-quality and beautiful appearance of lighting products.
Assembly and inspection of finished products are carried out using modern control and measuring equipment, which provides a 100% guarantee of the performance of Zavod EMA CJSC products. All production and technological processes comply with the requirements of ISO 13485-2017.

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Why choose us

Delivery time

The total delivery time of equipment is on average no more than 10 days

Service support

The company’s specialists provide service support and training for installation specialists

Wide range of

The company produces more than 52 product names

Warranty obligations

Increased warranty liabilities

Own production

Leader in the production of medical lighting equipment in the Russian Federation

Reliable manufacturer

80 years on the market for the production of medical equipment

We are the official partner and participant of the Innoprom 2021 exhibition
“Steel character” of the EMA Plant
EMA Plant CJSC is a member of the Labor Productivity National Project
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