Bactericidal lamps


The common bactericidal irradiator OBB (CBI) 1×15


Bactericidal irradiators (lamps) are using to disinfect indoor air.

More than half a century, the EMA factory has been producing and constantly improving the manufactured range of high-quality sources of bactericidal ultraviolet radiation. Bactericidal irradiators are the most used and effective sources of ultraviolet radiation. You can buy bactericidal irradiators on our website!


The common bactericidal irradiator OBB (CBI) 1×15 is designed for air disinfection in medical institutions, domestic premises, as well as in public places..

By purchasing an ultraviolet irradiator from us, you can use it in everyday life, for example, for the prevention and control of infections transmitted by airborne droplets (flu, tonsillitis, stomatitis, acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, etc.). The irradiator can be used indoor near the people.

Types of irradiators

The price and quality of bactericidal ultraviolet irradiators of the OBN (WBI)-150 (wall), OBP (CBI)-300 (ceiling), and OBP(MBI)-450 (mobile) models manufactured by Ema reached the perfect combination. These types of irradiators are using for the rapid disinfection of large volumes of air and surfaces in medical, therapeutic, industrial, public, and children’s institutions, and are used in the food industry.

Our irradiators are using for disinfecting air, and for equipment, products and packaging also.

Bactericidal lamps made by EMA factory generate ultraviolet radiation, eliminating viruses, fungus and infectious bacteria contained in the air and on the working surface.

Ultraviolet irradiators are able to continuously provide almost total disposal of harmful microorganisms in any room, either it is a hospital, clinic, medical treatment, production or public institution.

The bactericidal lamp has been successfully used for continuous air disinfection both for the purpose of preventing probable bacterial contamination and for ensuring the hygiene of various surfaces, tools and equipment. You can buy a bactericidal lamp by contacting our managers!

Гарантия качества от производителя бактерицидных облучателейWe guarantee the quality of our products – the purchased irradiators will last for many years, only a periodic replacement of the bactericidal lamp itself, which lasts 9000 hours, is needed. We use only the highest quality bactericidal lamps (manufactured in Hungary).

All models of ultraviolet irradiators are always in stock.

We also produce fully enclosed air disinfection units – Bactericidal recirculators.