Recirculation Irradiators

Cleanliness and sterility of the premise is an urgent question not only for medical institutions. Clean air should also be in children’s centers, schools, sports complexes, in pharmaceutical concerns, pools, baths, laboratories, beauty salons and other institutions, i.e. where are people stay during the day.

The most rational solution is to use a medical bactericidal recirculator. A distinctive feature of the recirculator is the possibility of its use in front of people and animals. The ultraviolet flux from the lamps is circulate in a limited space and does not have an outlet, while air is disinfected during its pumping through the recirculator’s ventilation holes. This eliminates the effects of direct ultraviolet rays, which are a danger not only to harmful microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, but also to humans.

The EMA factory produces two of the most common and popular types of bactericidal recirculators: RB (BIW) 2×15 wall (for rooms 50 cubic meters) and RBPe 6×15 mobile  (BIM) (up to 100 cubic meters).