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The healthcare system in Russia is developing dynamically. To improve the quality of medical care, it is necessary to introduce technologies and use equipment that meets modern standards.

For 65 years in Yekaterinburg there has been an EMA Plant, which develops, manufactures and sells various medical equipment.

The Sverdlovsk Medical Instrumental Plant was established in 1941. Within four months, the necessary equipment was installed and the production of surgical instruments began: scalpels, clamps, tweezers. By the end of the war, the plant was already producing more than 35 items of medical instruments.

In the post-war years, the plant’s collective mastered the production of electromedical equipment: Solux lamps, infrared lamps and mercury-quartz lamps.

Since 1954, the enterprise has been producing complex medical shadowless operating lamps, and two years later it completely switches to the production of electro-medical equipment.

In February 1956 the plant was renamed into the Sverdlovsk plant of electromedical equipment “EMA”.

Now the plant operates with good economic indicators and supplies high-quality products to all regions of Russia and neighboring countries. In 2006 the plant celebrated its 65th anniversary!

Today Zavod EMA CJSC is in the stage of intensive development and technical re-equipment. Outdated production facilities are being replaced, the latest machine-tool equipment is being purchased, and more flexible technological complexes are being introduced. Thus, the electroplating and the system of treatment facilities were completely replaced. The plant refused from energy-intensive painting in an electrostatic field. The nearest plans include the supply and installation of equipment for powder coating.

For many years, Zavod EMA CJSC has been producing three main types of medical products: surgical lamps (ceiling, wall and mobile), physiotherapy devices and bactericidal irradiators of various types.

The staff of the plant does not stop there and tries to keep up with the times. Scientific, design and technological developments accumulated over 65 years, as well as innovative ideas and our own unique solutions are widely used in the creation of modern types of products. So, thanks to the painstaking work of the leading engineers and designers of the enterprise, it was possible to create the most perfect modification of operating lamps, the presentation of which, at the International exhibitions in Dusseldorf and Moscow, aroused great professional interest of both domestic and foreign specialists.

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