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Mobile recirculating irradiator RBm 3X15 (90 cubic meters / hour) is mounted on a mobile stand and is used to disinfect the air in rooms with a volume of up to 90 m3. The device is completely safe for humans and can work in his presence.

In recirculators, the bactericidal flow from lamps is distributed in a confined small enclosed space and does not have an outlet, while air is disinfected while it is pumped through the ventilation holes of the recirculator.

Bactericidal recirculators have been known to the world for over 100 years, and their efficiency has been confirmed by numerous tests and many years of practical application. During all this time, it has been established that the greatest bactericidal effect is possessed by radiation, whose wavelength is within 253.7 nm, due to which bacteria die, damage their DNA and destroy them at the cellular level.

Irradiator-recirculator RBm 3X15 is guaranteed to neutralize:

  • Viruses: coronavirus infection (COVID-19), the causative agent of hepatitis A, polivirus, rotaviruses, influenza viruses (including bird flu H5N1 [2]), MS -2 Coliphase;
  • Bacteria, including dysentery bacillus, tubercle bacillus, salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, and more. There are more than 40 varieties in total;
  • Yeast fungi;
  • Mold spores;
  • Protozoa and algae.

The mobile recirculator-irradiator RBm 3X15 (90 cubic meters / hour) has a modern design, does not create noise during operation. The parts of the device are coated with polyester powder paint. In the design of the recirculators, imported components are used and radio interference filters are installed.

Technical characteristics of the mobile recirculator RBm 3X15 (90 cubic meters / hour)

Number of lamps 3
Productivity by air flow, m3 / hour 90
Placement method mobile
Type private
Maximum degree of disinfection 99.9%
Total bactericidal flux of lamps, W 14.7
Power consumption, no more, VA 60
Power supply 220V 50Hz
Average service life, years 5
Overall dimensions, mm 650х650х860
Weight, no more, kg 10.25
Class of protection against electric shock 1
Radiation source
Lamp type TUV 15WLL T8 G13 / HNS 15W G13 / LTC 15W T8 G13
UV wavelength, nm 253.7
Lamp germicidal flux, W 4.9
Lamp life, hour 9000

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