Bactericidal mobile irradiator-recirculator RBM RBPE 6X15

Bactericidal mobile irradiator-recirculator RBM RBPE 6X15



Bactericidal recirculators are made for air disinfection of hospitals, clinics, medical and preventive, industrial and public institutions (hotels, shops, gyms, bath houses, child care facilities, schools), storage facilities for agricultural products, as well as for use in the food industry in the presence of people.
Recirculators are an effective means of preventing and combating airborne infections (flu, tonsillitis, etc.).
In recirculators, the bactericidal flow from the lamps is distributed in a limited small enclosed space and has no exit, while air disinfection is carried out during its pumping through the recirculator’s ventilation holes.
The radiation source of recirculators is low-pressure bactericidal mercury lamps of the DB-15 type or TUV15 type emitting ultraviolet rays with a wavelength of 253.7 nm, harmful to various bacteria, viruses and microorganisms in indoor air.
The RB 2×15 recirculator is mounted on the wall of the room and is used to disinfect indoor air up to 50 m3 in the presence and absence of people.
The bactericidal wall recirculator irradiator has a modern design, does not create noise during operation.
The RBM RBPe 6×15 mobile recirculator is used for rooms up to 100 m3 in the presence and absence of people. Recirculator parts are coated with polyester powder paint.
In the design of the recirculators, imported components were used and radio interference filters were installed.

Technical characteristics of bactericidal recirculators

Characteristic РБ 2×15 РБПе 6×15
Number of lamps 2 6
Placement method wall mobile
Type closed closed
Total bactericidal lamp flux, W 9,4 28,6
Air flow rate, m 3 / h 60 180
Productivity, m 3 / hour
at 99% disinfection 30 100
at 95% disinfection 50 140
Power consumption, not above, VA 90 270
Power network 220 V 50 Hz 220 V 50 Hz
Average service life, years 5 5
Overall dimensions, mm 135x200x620 580×840
Weight, not above than, kg 6 22
Electrical protection class 1 тип Н 1 тип Н
Radiation source
Lamp type TUV15 TUV15
Power consumption, VA 90 270
Service life hour 8000 8000
Bactericidal flow, W 4,7 11,2



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