Electrodes for the device Potok-1

Electrodes for the device Potok-1Dear Clients! Now you can purchase an electrode for electrophoresis based on a conductive tissue to the Potok-1 unit, not just a kit, as it was before! The use of carbon electrodes eliminates the use of lead, which increases the positive effect of electrophoresis.

Carbon electrodes for electrophoresis:

They are a multilayer package of hydrophilic material – cotton fabric with a layer of conductive carbon fabric sewn into it, what is highly resistant to temperatures, various chemistry and is harmless to humans. Its use excludes the use of lead during physiotherapy galvanization procedures, drug electrophoresis.

Disinfection is carried out by boiling in distilled water. Squeeze without twisting, protect carbon fabric from mechanical damage with the sharp edges of the “flags”.

Kit Contents:

Dimensions are in mm.

Name Designation Count
1. Patient wire bifurcated 95-03023-00 2
2. Single patient wire 95-03022-00 4
3. Carbon electrodes
30х60 2
50×100 2
80×120 2
100×150 2
120×170 2
150×200 2
two-lobed (ear region) 130×115 1
three-blade (half mask Bergonier) 180×145 1
collar 440×250 1


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