Ultraviolet stationary irradiator IUVну

Ultraviolet stationary irradiator IUVну

The EMA factory provides an opportunity to buy an IUV irradiator from the manufacturer at the most affordable price. Description. Characteristics of the irradiator.


Designed for localized ultraviolet irradiation of the upper respiratory tract (nasal cavity, nasopharynx, tonsils) and ear cavity at the same time for four patients in physiotherapy rooms of medical institutions.
High-pressure mercury-quartz lamps are used as a source of UV radiation in the OUFN irradiator. The ultraviolet ray flux is concentrated using tubes, individual mirrors allow you to observe the direction of the ray flux, the curtains divide the zone into four sectors, which is convenient for patients.

Technical characteristics of physiotherapy equipment

Placement method Desktop
Power, VA, not above 1000
Voltage V / Frequency, Hz 220±22/50
Irradiation in the outlet of the tube for the mouth with the horizontal position of the tube and the adapter fully extended, W / m2 20±10
Weight, kg, not above 11



Attention! The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics of the product, its appearance and completeness without prior notice to the client.


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