Luminarie ceiling EMALED 300

Luminarie ceiling EMALED 300

Surgical ceiling luminarie

Дополнительное оснащение медицинских светильников


Illumination Level: 120 kLk

The size of the working area at a distance of 1 m is from 160 to 300 mm.

The size of the working area at a distance of 1 m is from 160 to 300 mm.


Application: Illumination of the surgical area in surgical operations and diagnostic studies.

Auxiliary equipment

Built-in emergency power supply:
– Automatic switching to built-in backup batteries.
– Automatic battery charging.
– Operating time during a power outage of at least 3 hours.


The luminarie provides:
1. Regulation of the size of the working area and illumination while maintaining a given color temperature using a 5-button film keyboard.
2. High quality of light: a spectrum close to the sun, good color rendering, at least 95, lack of radiation in the infrared and ultraviolet regions.
3. Easy to move lighting units, unlimited rotation around vertical axis, reliable fixation in the desired position.


Lighting Specifications
Dimmer 10 — 100%
Colour temperature 4500±100К
Color rendering index not less than 95
Frequency (50±1) Hz
Light Source Life 60 000 h


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