Lamp surgical mobile EMALED 402

Lamp surgical mobile EMALED 402



Auxiliary equipment:

Аварийное питание медицинского светильникаBuilt-in emergency power supply:
– Automatic switching to built-in backup batteries.
– Automatic battery charging.
– Operating time during a power outage of at least 5 hours.


Возможна установка видеокамеры Can install a camcorder


Application: Illumination of the surgical area in surgical operations and diagnostic studies.




Technical data
Central illumination in the center of the light area at a distance of 1 m 120 kLk
Light area diameter 160 – 300 mm
Color temperature 3500 – 5000 K
Light Source Life 60 000 hours
Dimmer 10 — 100%
Color rendering index 97 Ra
Touch pen Yes
Ability to install high-definition video cameras Yes
Touch control panel No
The ability to install shading sensors to increase the level of shadowless effect (residual illumination) No
Ability to equip emergency power unit Yes
Possibility of video recording on an SD card (for models with a camera) Yes



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