Video cameras for surgical luminaries

Camcorder for Tamron MP1010M-VC lamps

Camcorder for Tamron MP1010M-VC lamps

The video camera in the EMALED series fixtures is designed to capture the operating area during operations in real time, and also to transfer images to a recording and playback device. This device is implanted from security systems.   The...

The video surveillance system allows you to record the actions of personnel during surgical operations and is a comprehensive solution for recording, storing and broadcasting video directly from the operating lamps of the ENAMELED series.
Initially, this technology was used in security systems, and now it is successfully used in medicine. This is necessary not only for a thorough analysis of operations and staff training, but also to identify the individual responsibility of each employee. If we talk about details, the capabilities of the proposed system are suitable for shooting educational videos on specific operations for students, as well as for conducting analytical work and training existing surgeons. This system is of particular commercial value in the field of obstetrics.


Видеокамеры к медицинским светильникам

Схема расположения встроенной медицинской видеокамеры в светодиодных светильниках

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