“Evening Yekaterinburg” Light and no shadows

New life of the operational block of the DGKB No. 9 Nadezhda BAYANDINA, January 25, 2014

The play of light and shadow is good only on art canvases. In operating rooms, it is completely irrelevant. In the planned operation block of the DGKB No. 9, which opened on January 24 after reconstruction, not the slightest chance was left in the shadow. New operating lamps simply do not throw it away.

“And they also do not heat the back of the doctor’s head,” Alla GORLANOVA, the head nurse of the operational unit, told reporters. – And easily change location and angle.

Adjustment of LED lamps is carried out by means of a special handle, which is then removed and sterilized. This ultimately works to provide greater infectious safety for young patients.

The lamps were shown to the guest of honor of the opening ceremony, the head of the Yekaterinburg administration, Alexander YAKOBU, who walked through the renovated operating rooms in the company of the chief physician of the Nine, Andrey KARLOV. Lamps and much more …

The planned operating unit of the Children’s City Clinical Hospital No. 9 for 5 operating rooms, where little patients in Yekaterinburg and other cities of the Sverdlovsk region actually get another chance at life, has itself experienced a rebirth. The “workplaces” of doctors and nurses of the surgical department of the “Nine” acquired a completely new look. And new content. On January 24, honorary guests and media representatives invited to the opening ceremony of the operating unit were convinced of this.

The success of any operation largely depends on the hands of the operating doctor. And also from some other factors, including working conditions. If all devices work flawlessly, the operating table has a large number of positions, and the lamps do not cast shadows where they do not need to, the surgeon will concentrate only on the most important task: saving life.

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