Exhibition Healthcare 2018 CJSC EMA Plant

Since 2005, Zavod EMA has become the first manufacturer of LED surgical lamps. At the Healthcare Exhibition 2018, the plant presented lighting equipment that is popular all over the world. Also, two new improved models were presented – “Emaled 400” and “Emaled 600”. All participants were interested in innovative developments. This proves once again that the manufacturer is striving to change the medical work in a more efficient way.

The updated models are designed to meet the lighting needs of any medical room, from examination rooms to large operating rooms. New generation LED luminaires include the following features and functions:

  • provide the room with cool quality light. Now doctors can do their job as accurately and quickly as possible;
  • diodes have acquired an even longer service life;
  • medical equipment is convenient and easy to use;
  • new models introduced to help change color temperature;
  • the parameters of the sso sterilized handle are adjusted;
  • it is now possible to install a built-in camera in any lighting unit. This will allow surgeons to make more accurate diagnoses and perform better operations.

The manufacturer has taken care of the convenience of medical workers as much as possible. Therefore, a modern application was developed. The program helps to control lamps from any mobile device and tablets. The app is absolutely free. The innovation is designed to achieve comfort in the work of specialists.

This is not the first exhibition where Zavod EMA CJSC takes part. Every time the manufacturer surprises with its developments. We are confident that the new models “Emaled 400” and “Emaled 600” will also be in high demand.


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