Electromechanical operating table FAURA 5EM-4 is a reliable and safe design with an electromechanical drive. It is used for a wide range of surgical procedures.

Electromechanical operating table FAURA 5EM-4 is designed to accommodate and ensure the optimal position of the patient during surgical operations. Scope: operating rooms, dressing rooms, examination, gynecological and other offices of polyclinics, clinics and dispensaries. A wide range of accessories allows the table to be used for all types of surgical procedures.

Functional Benefits:

  • The electromechanical table has a robust mechanism that produces a minimum of noise when used;
  • All movements (except for the leg and head section) are done by activating the electric motors, the table is controlled using the remote control;
  • Table base and bed made of austenitic stainless steel;
  • Fully radiolucent tabletop;
  • The operating table has a built-in battery;
  • Mechanical kidney roller as standard;
  • Rails for fixing the accessories table 25×10 mm.

Distinctive characteristics of the Faura 5EM-4 electromechanical operating table:

  • Radiolucent surface – YES;
  • Back section kink – NO;
  • Kidney cushion – YES;
  • Longitudinal movement – YES;
  • Number of panel sections – 4;
  • Footrest (Geppel) – 2 pcs;
  • Anesthetic screen – 1 pc;
  • Armrest with straps fixing straps – 2 pcs;
  • Large fixing strap – 1 pc;
  • Rectangular clip – 3 pcs;
  • Adjustable clip – 2 pcs;
  • A set of pillows – 1 set.

5 electric motors:

  • Raise / lower;
  • Side tilts;
  • Tredelenburg / anti;
  • Back section;
  • Longitudinal movement.


Specifications Operating electromechanical table FAURA 5EM-4
Total length of the table panel Not less than 2050 mm
Table Panel Width Not less than 530 ± 20 mm
Minimum table height Max 650 mm
Maximum table height Not less than 950 mm
Trendelenburg / AntiTrendelenburg Not less than 30 ° / 30 °
Side Tilt Not less than 15 ° / 15 °
Head Section Tilts (Up / Down) Not less than 60 ° / 90 °
Leg Tilt (Up / Down) Not less than 15 ° / 90 °
Extending the leg sections Not less than 90 ° each section
Back Section Tilts (Up / Down) Not less than 85 ° / 20 °
Raising the kidney roll Not less than 120 mm
Move horizontally (Sliding) Not less than 300 mm
Power Options 220V ± 20V and 50 Hz ± l Hz.
Built-in backup battery Availability
Table capacity Not less than 250 Kg
Delivery within RF and CIS Yes

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