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Acceptable price. The Potok-1 electrotherapy device is intended for exposure to direct current on the human body, as well as for carrying out medicinal electrophoresis.

The Potok-1 device is used to treat a wide variety of diseases in inpatient and home conditions.

Currents have an analgesic, anti-inflammatory, anti-edema, antispastic effect, improve blood circulation, cell nutrition. Designed for prophylactic and therapeutic purposes.
The electrophoretic administration of drugs with the help of the apparatus gives a number of advantages over other types of drug administration: local administration, delivery directly to the diseased focus, under the action of the current, the penetrating ability of the cell increases and the concentration of the drug increases directly in the focus of inflammation and pain.

Benefits of the upgraded Stream:

  • Attractive modern design and ergonomic shape;
  • Compact dimensions;
  • Informative digital indicator;
  • Convenient adjustment of the current intensity and procedure time using the keypad;
  • A beep sounds upon completion of the procedure.

Features of the implemented methods:

  • High therapeutic efficiency;
  • Painless procedures;
  • The possibility of combining with other methods of treatment.

The delivery set of the device includes a lead plate 200×500 mm in size (cut by the customer to the required dimensions), wires to the lead plate. In addition to Stream-1, you can purchase carbon fiber electrodes.

Technical characteristics of physiotherapy equipment

Electrotherapy “Potok-1”
Maximum current in the patient circuit, mA 50
Ripple current in the patient circuit,% 0.5
Types of electrodes lead (lead plate 200×500), carbon cloth (various shapes, up to 15 pcs., upon additional request)
AC Power 50 Hz, 220V
Power consumption from the mains, VA 11
Machine version portable, desktop
Weight, kg 1
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