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The device Polyus-101 is intended for use in physiotherapy rooms and in the wards of medical institutions.

The device “Polyus-101” is easy to use, provides complete safety for the patient and service personnel.


Peripheral vascular disease of the extremities:

  • Chronic venous insufficiency (phlebitis, thrombosis, post-thrombotic disease, trophic ulcer, etc.);
  • Occlusive peripheral arterial disease of atherosclerotic genesis;
  • Limb injuries and their consequences.

Purpose: therapeutic effect on the patient’s limbs with a low-frequency magnetic field.

The shape of the current supplying the inductors: sinusoidal.

Magnetic field mode: intermittent and continuous.

The treatment with the device is not accompanied by the release of heat or heating of tissues. The device is equipped with an indication of the power on and the presence of a magnetic field.

Technical characteristics of physiotherapy equipment

The highest amplitude value of the magnetic induction, mT 5
Number of steps of intense magnetic induction 4
Number of solenoid inductors 2
Inductors operating mode Continuous, intermittent
Power supply ripple current frequency, Hz 700, 1000
AC power 50 Hz, 220 V
Power consumption from the network, VA 50
Machine design portable desktop
Weight, kg 4.5
Average life 8 years
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