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EMALED – innovations in operational lighting

EMALED - innovations in operational lighting
The importance of high-quality surgical lamps for the successful conduct of operations and diagnostic studies is difficult to overestimate. This equipment has undergone a complex evolution from traditional incandescent lamps to modern LED devices with high light quality and an impressive service life of up to 60,000 hours (30 times more than halogen analogues):

Nowdays, the most important properties of a high-quality operational lamp are:

  • shadowless technology;
  • lack of thermal radiation, IR radiation filtering (to avoid heating of the surgical area);
  • minimal disruption of laminar flow;
  • remote control facilities;
  • safety and reliability (resistance to voltage drops, the ability to work from an emergency power source, etc.).

Until recently, it was difficult to find a lamp with an acceptable price-quality ratio in the domestic medical equipment market. Either foreign models were expensive, or relatively inexpensive, but at times losing in quality, domestic. In this regard, the development of the Ekaterinburg “EMA Factory” was a real breakthrough, which made it possible to make high-quality surgical lighting available..

The company was founded in 1941, and, on the one hand, has its own long-standing traditions, and on the other, it is focused on meeting high international standards. The combination of these qualities allowed the company not only to successfully operate in the territory of the Russian Federation, but also to enter the European market under the brand EMA-LED GmbH. Tap to see more…Tap to see more…


The new generation of operating lights

Do you agree that humanity has always been drawn to light, whether it be the magic of a star shining in the sky or a bright reflection of fire? In the history of the development of the world, most inventions, one way or another, are associated with this mysterious form of matter. And it’s not only about the achievements that have turned our lives over the past couple of centuries, but about things more archaic, but also important for this. For example, the camera obscura has become a camera for a millennium, and large vintage TVs – displays with a thickness of a couple of centimeters.

Пресса о хирургических бестеневых светодиодных медицинских светильниках ЭМАЛЕД
Пресса о хирургических бестеневых светодиодных медицинских светильниках ЭМАЛЕД

Of course, in medicine, as in other areas of human life, light has a special role, opening up a ton of opportunities in the direction of diagnosis and surgery. Remember the photographs of surgical fixtures of the first half of the 20th century: a lone incandescent lamp with an acrylic peak sways above the head of a specialist, providing him with weak and inconsistent visibility. Progress does not stand and still today, developers of medical equipment invent such subtleties and details that daily raise the bar of standards for surgical lighting.
Do you remember the moment when you or your colleagues had to decide to choose a medical equipment? This is an infinitely complex search for a balance between quality and cost, the intricacies of technical characteristics and convenience for the work of a doctor. There are no less priority indicators: everything is important and everything is needed.
Our company has been operating in the medical equipment market since 1941, and during this time, focusing on high world standards and the best examples, it has achieved high quality in the production of operating and diagnostic lamps, expanding their capabilities and fine-tuning. The development of our new products is based on the following features:

  • high quality lighting;
  • easy and convenient operation;
  • high reliability and durability;
  • maximum shadowless effect.

A main component of the EMALED line is LED technology – LED rays are not like traditional incandescent lamps, are not heat emitters and have high light transmission quality with a minimum life of 60,000 hours. In this catalog you can find not only various configurations of fixtures of our new line, but also the proposed features for their functional modification.
We have done everything so that your specialists can focus on the most important.


“Evening Yekaterinburg” Light and no shadows

New life of the operative block of Children’s Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 9 Nadezhda BAYANDINA, January 25, 2014
The play of light and shadow is good only on art canvases. In operating rooms, it is completely inappropriate. In the operation theatre of CCCH №9, opened on January 24 after the reconstruction, there is no any chance for the shadow. New operating lamps simply do not discard it.
“And they don’t heat the back of the head of the doctor,” Alla GORLANOVA, senior nurse of the operating theatre, told reporters. – And easy to move the location and angle.
Regulation of LED lamps is carried out by a special handle, which is then removed and sterilized. This ultimately works to provide infectious safety for small patients.
The lamps were shown to the guest of honor of the opening ceremony, the head of the administration of Yekaterinburg, Alexander YAKOB, who walked through the updated operating rooms in the company of the head physician of the CCCH№9 Andrei KARLOV. Lamps and more .
The operating theatre of CCCH No. 9 for 5 operating rooms, where the small patients of Yekaterinburg and other cities of the Sverdlovsk region actually receive another chance to live, he survived a rebirth. The “workplaces” of doctors and nurses in the surgical department of the CCCH №9 have acquired a completely new look. And a new content. This was convinced on January 24 by the guests of honor and representatives of the media invited to the opening ceremony of the operating theatre.
The success of any operation depends largely on the hands of the operating doctor. And also from some other factors, including working conditions. If all devices work flawlessly, the operating table has a large number of positions, and the lamps do not cast shade where it is not needed, the surgeon will focus only on the most important task: saving lives.


Article in the journal “Medicine and Health”

Source magazine “Medicine and Health”
The healthcare system in Russia is developing dynamically. To improve the quality of medical care, it is necessary to introduce technologies and use equipment that matches current standards. The “EMA Factory” is exist in Yekaterinburg for 65 years and develops, manufactures and sells various medical equipment.
Sverdlovsk Medical Instrument Factory was established in 1941. Four months later, the necessary equipment was installed and began production of surgical instruments: scalpels, clamps, tweezers. By the end of the war, the factory was already producing more than 35 items of medical instruments.
In the postwar years, the factory’s staff mastered the production of electro-medical equipment: Solux lamps, infrared rays lamps and mercury-quartz lamps.
Since 1954, the company has been producing complexmedical shadowless operating lights, and two years later it has completely switched to the production of electro-medical equipment.
In February 1956, the plant was renamed the Sverdlovsk Electro-Medical Equipment Factory “EMA”.
Now the factory works with good economic performance and supplies high-quality products to all regions of Russia and to neighboring countries. In 2006, the factory celebrated its anniversary – 65 years!
Today CJSC “Factory EMA” is in the stage of intensive development and technical re-equipment. Replacing outdating production facilities, the latest machine tools are being purchased, and more flexible technological complexes are being introduced. So, electroplating and the system of treatment facilities were completely replaced. The factory refused energy-intensive painting in an electrostatic field. In the near future – the supply and installation of equipment for powder coating.
For many years, CJSC “Factory EMA” has been producing three main types of medical products: surgical lamps (ceiling, wall and mobile), devices for physiotherapy and bactericidal irradiators of various types.
The factory staff does not stop and is trying to keep up with the times. Scientific, design and technological developments collected over 65 years, as well as innovative ideas and our own unique solutions are widely used in the creation of modern types of products. So, through to accurate work of leading engineers and designers of the enterprise, we created the most advanced modification of operating lights, the presentation of which at international exhibitions in Dusseldorf and Moscow aroused great professional interest of both domestic and foreign specialists.

Clinic Magazine, April 2010

“A new generation of operational lighting”
The article is available for download in .pdf format on the journal website.