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A video camera in lamps of the EMALED series is intended for shooting of the operating area during operations in real time, as well as for transferring the image to a recording and playback device.

This device is implanted from security systems. The presence of such surgical equipment is necessary not only for a scrupulous analysis of operations and training personnel in correct actions, but also for identifying the individual responsibility of each employee. Depending on the goals set, the video cameras supplied with the surgical equipment can be configured to shoot instructional videos on specific operations for students, or for analytical work and training of the surgeons themselves.

The video surveillance complex enables the head to control and save the video recording of the work of the personnel for a month. The video surveillance system itself makes it possible to install from sixteen to forty-eight cameras in one institution, or from one to five cameras in one operating room.

In addition, this system, used in surgical equipment, allows relatives to observe the progress of the surgical operation in real time and on record in a specially equipped room. This can be especially useful during childbirth. The camera is equipped with a wireless controller.

Description Tamron MP1010M-VC
Image format FullHD 1080p / 60, 1080p / 50, 1080p / 30, 1080p / 25, 1080i / 60, 1080i / 50, 720p / 60, 720p / 50
Image sensor 1/3-type CMOS (Progressive Scan)
Image Elements 4,080,000 pixels.
Horizontal Resolution 800 TV lines
Lenses 10x f = 3.3 to 33.00 mm F1.8 to 3.4
Zoom speed WIDE mode / TELE mode 1.4 sec
Angle of view (H) 58.2 ° (WIDE mode) to 6.9 ° (TELE mode)
Min. working distance 10 mm (WIDE mode) to 800 mm (TELE mode)
Min. illumination 0.5 lux (1/30 sec, F1.8, 50%)
Recommended illumination 100 to 100,000 lux
Signal to noise ratio More than 50 dB
Iris control (Electronic shutter) 1/1 to 1 / 10,000 seconds, 16 steps
Video output Digital: Y / Pb / Pr 4: 2: 2 (LVDS)
Control Remote control
Power Requirements 8V to 12VDC
Power consumption 3W

Camcorder for lamps Tamron MP1010M-VC

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