Цена: 962500 руб.

Application: Illumination of the operating field during surgical operations and diagnostic studies


Operating ceiling lamp EMALED 500The size of the working area at a distance of 1 m – from 180 to 350 mm.

Optional extras:

  • Camcorder;
  • Monitor console.

The luminaire provides:

  1. Regulation of the size of the working field and illumination while maintaining the specified color temperature;
  2. Automatic switching to built-in backup batteries;
  3. Regulation of all parameters using built-in and wall-mounted controllers;
  4. Automatic switching to built-in backup batteries;
  5. Automatic battery charging;
  6. Ability to use “endo” mode and the mode of increasing the depth of illumination;
  7. Delivery of a budget model is possible – with a 5-button membrane keyboard on the luminaire itself for adjusting the level of the light field and the size of the light spot (the “endo” modes and increasing the depth of illumination in this version are not connected).
Additional equipment for medical lamps Illumination level: 160 kLx Possibility to install a video camera Possibility to install a video camera Emergency power supply of the medical lamp At least 3 hours
Light performance
Dimming 10 – 100%
Color Temperature 4500 ± 100 K
Color Rendering Index no less than 95
Frequency (50 ± 1) Hz
Light source life 60,000 hours
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