Цена: 122100 руб.

Luminaire for viewing mobile EMALED 100P

Size of the working area at a distance of 0.5 m – 160mm.

Illumination level: 30 kLx

Application: Illumination of the operating field for diagnostic examinations


Additional equipment:

  • Color temperature adjustment;
  • Built-in emergency power supply.

The luminaire provides:

  1. Dimming from 20 to 100%;
  2. The flexible part of the lamp allows you to illuminate the working area under any
    tilt angle, the optimally selected position is perfectly fixed;
  3. Easy to operate;
  4. Bright and even light;
  5. Adjustment of color temperature (optional);
  6. The service life of light sources is not less than 60,000 hours.

Dimming Control 20-100%
Color Temperature 4500 ± 100 K
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