Mobile medical lamp “EMALED 500P”


Illumination level: 160 kLx

Additional equipment:

Mobile medical lamp EMALED 500P

The size of the working area at a distance of 1 m – from 180 to 350 mm.

Built-in emergency power supply providing:

  • Automatic switching to built-in backup batteries;
  • Automatic battery charging;
  • Operating time in case of power outage is not less than 3 hours.

Video camera:

  • Possible video camera installation.

The luminaire provides:

  1. Regulation of the size of the working field and illumination while maintaining the specified color temperature;
  2. Automatic switching to built-in backup batteries;
  3. Automatic battery charging.
Additional equipment for medical lamps Illumination level: 160 kLx Possible to install a video camera
Dimming 10 – 100%
Color Temperature 4500 ± 100 K
Color Rendering Index no less than 95
Light source life 60,000 hours
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