Medical mobile lamp EMALED 602P with video camera

Medical mobile lamp EMALED 602P with video camera:

Possibility to install a video camera Quick Release HD Camcorder (Tamron MP 111OM-VC)

A video camera in lamps of the EMALED series is intended for shooting of the operating area during operations in real time, as well as for transferring the image to a recording and playback device.

This device is “implanted” from security systems. The presence of such surgical equipment is necessary not only for a scrupulous analysis of operations and training personnel in correct actions, but also for identifying the individual responsibility of each employee. Depending on the goals set, the video cameras supplied with the surgical equipment can be configured to shoot instructional videos on specific operations for students, or for analytical work and training of the surgeons themselves. The camera is equipped with a wireless remote control.

Application: Illumination of the operating field during surgical operations and diagnostic studies.


lamp EMALED 602P

Technical data
Center illumination in the center of the light field at a distance of 1 m 160 kLK
Light field diameter 180 – 350 mm
Color Temperature 3500 – 5000 K
Light source life 60,000 hours
Dimming 10 – 100%
Color Rendering Index 97 Ra
Touch Knob Yes
High Definition HD Quick Release Camcorder
(for telemedicine systems)
Touch control pad Yes
Built-in emergency power supply system No

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