Light ward console KR01 – 1.5 wall-mounted, length 1240 mm for medical wards


  • length for 1 bed – 1240 mm;
  • valve with oxygen connection with angle plug;
  • block of 2 electrical outlets and switch;
  • LED lamp T8 1200 mm – top;
  • LED lamp T8 1200 mm – bottom;
  • body material: steel / aluminum profile.

Light Wall Consoles

Medical wall consoles are equipped with LED daylight lamps with a service life of 50,000 hours, electrical and fireproof. The light windows of the consoles are covered with translucent plastic panels, which are much more durable than glass. Light consoles can be equipped with an additional valve, radio, telephone and / or television, network connector, nurse call panel, attachments.

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