Children’s medical console KR01 – 1.6 wall light, length 900 mm, decorative panel


  • Gas valves – 3 pcs;
  • Electrical sockets – 3 pcs;
  • Upper light module;
  • Bottom light module;
  • Nurse call button;
  • Overall dimensions 1030Х450Х100 mm.

Optional equipment:

  • Changing the number of electrical outlets and gas valves (from 1 to 3);
  • Attachment rail located at the top of the console block;
  • Electrical connectors of any kind (power, information, radio, telephone, Internet, IT);
  • Additional shelves and stands for auxiliary equipment;
  • Ejectors for the discharge of waste narcotic gases;
  • Oxygen therapy equipment;
  • Aspiration equipment.

Children’s decorative tent consoles

Light consoles are designed to equip wards and departments of children’s hospitals. They are used to quickly connect medical equipment to gas mains and power supply networks, as well as to organize local lighting. Consoles are completed with curly panels with decorative coating.

  • The top light module of the console is equipped with a projector that acts as a night light;
  • The bottom light module is used for direct lighting;
  • LED lamps (T8 format) are used as a light source;
  • Each module is equipped with a switch;
  • The surface of the decorative panel is resistant to treatment with detergents and UV light.
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